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Some came to the territory being pulled ahead by a dream, and others came because they were pushed by a disaster.  Some came for an adventure, and whole families and towns moved… just because they moved.  Weather… new start… more acreage… or whatever, they came.

It was most unlikely that a merchant in musical instruments in Missouri would be drawn to the new melting pot of the Oklahoma Territory.  Of course, it was a fertile pasture to bring his wife with her beautiful and famous voice.  The hardworking settlers of the prairie were hungry for entertainment, and what better than a musical concert?  Everyone loved and understood music.

It was there that his 13 year old daughter, along with another young lady of her same age, would experience an adventure he would rather the girls had not been a part of.  Sometimes, however, bad experiences have a nugget of lasting good tucked within them.  How can the friendship of two young artists… an accomplished pianist and a talented poet… not be a desirable thing?
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