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Under the Haystack | Book | Joann Ellen Sisco | Historical Fiction Library

This is the fifth and final title in the "Carlile Corners" series by acclaimed American author Joann Ellen Sisco.

Treasures are where they are found. Some are found under a haystack in the yard, and are heralded by a noisy pup. Some are born on an immigrant ship in an Atlantic Ocean storm, while others are found on the next farm down the road... or in the adjoining settlement.

Carlile Corners is a composite of the hundreds of small towns that just grew because that was what small towns did. The people are there... just because they are there... and so many are held in place by their faith in their Maker. It is the same faith that sent young, strong men to distant continents to protect what was theirs.

In this Chronicle, the chaplain-surgeon, the teachers, and the new people who just arrived in their wagon all share the pioneer spirit and grow together to become the backbone of our wonderful, heaven blessed country of America. The young writer with the active pencil, seeks, in this book, to pull the 30 years together to be preserved as a part of the nation's history. It is an assignment the narrator is determined to fulfill. It can be your decision as to whether she was successful.
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