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Gran had lived a lot of years and raised sons and grandsons, and then along came Amy Catherine. Gran's joy knew no bounds. The little girl had come along after five boys and her mother was glad for Gran's help. Gran made quilts for her grandchildren, but this girl’s quilt would be special, containing embroidered pictures of her young life--pictures that Amy had drawn. Amy was a modern girl for her era, and at that time, a woman’s job was in the home, but there was no money to be made there. Amy managed an answer of her own. She'll tell you about. It has joys and agonizing tears, but that is just part of life.

Johnny wanted to marry Amy but girls are difficult to understand, and impossible to lead. He finally decided Amy must be allowed to go her own way, and he would lead her in that direction if he could just get ahead of her. Johnny proved his worth, though, in a battle with the Mississippi Central Railway that was trying to... well, it's in the book and Johnny should get to tell it in his own way.
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