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The human mind seems to be such that it attempts to protect its body from pains to great to bear.  A blindness… it is… and it can be caused by a fear of something it cannot bring itself to accept.

For young Dorcas Wainwright, being courted by the preacher’s son was such a positive step in her life that she chose to be blind after years of marriage.  She was certainly not alone, as there are many young people who make choices before they know their options, and find themselves making the best of what they would not have intended.

When, however, the fallout of an unfortunate decision rains down upon the heads of her children, the agony can create total blindness and deafness to what is about to happen.  Dorcas was fortunate in having a grown son with both eyes open and who brave enough to face down the problem and be ready to pick up the pieces as they shattered.

When a new start seemed to be the only salvation for the family, the wonderful new western territory opened up.   To the young man, it appeared to be his own shining city on a hill… if he was only fast enough, and clever enough, to win a 160 acre quarter section in the Oklahoma Territory.  It would be a promised land, for a fact.
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