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Thunder Brings the Rain | Joann Ellen Sisco | Book | Historical Fiction Library

The created beings called angels, as outlined in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, have amazing abilities. Not being bound to time or space, they are well qualified for the missions assigned them. The angels, such as Angel 942, with their specific history and talents, often combine actions to rescue the Boss' young humans. A tragedy that splits a family apart was not Plan A, but there had been the minus angels to contend with. No matter. The Boss' angels knew what would happen and that it could be incorporated into successful Plan B. Young Leticia Morgan went one way and her brothers another, but that was not the end of the story within this historical fiction account. There was the event with horses, a locomotive and the unsafe trestle, and . . . well, a lot happens before and after this incident, but it's all in the book. There are numerous accounts of humans being moved in a direction that was not necessarily in their plans. Some are in the Holy Bible, and others go un-noticed, but some happen like the one in this book . . . all with angelic help and direction that is not necessarily recognized.
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