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There is a saying that where the Scotsman goes, their official plant will follow, and there may be a truth to the saying.  Certainly the purple, thorny plant, along with red curly hair, certainly landed and flourished throughout the mountains and the Midwest, including the little town of River Bend in Arkansas.  Like the airy thistle seeds are blown about, two small Kentucky children found themselves orphaned and stranded between two Arkansas mountains.  Papa had the directions to where they were going, but papa was no longer with them.

There are those who say life is a puzzle, and if so, the two orphan children found themselves one of the missing pieces but it took a bit of twisting and turning to make themselves fit.  It must be said that a black mountain panther did his part, and so did an old lady of diminished capacity as well as a dollhouse large enough to let a little girl enter.   Details are in the book written in the authentic mountain dialect of the period and location.
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