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Thirteenth Kid Lucky or Unlucky | Joann Ellen Sisco | Historical Fiction Library

This is the first book of The Trilogy Of Whisbone Hollow u.s.a. Book One: Thirteenth Kid. . . Lucky Or Unlucky! Rowenna Moffat: Meets Angel Book Two: Girl With The Gun Rowenna Moffat: Student Nurse Book Three: Land Of Barbed Wire And Blood Rowenna Moffat: World War One: Europe It might seem amazing that a small Arkansas girl could learn to attune herself to angelic assistance. There seems, however, that there is no minimum age for training to begin, and if angels can appreciate human traits, they might have approved of Granddad's influence on Rowenna's younger years. Her first true conversation with a heavenly being might have been the time when when she was in the top of a massive oak tree picking muscadine grapes. . . but it was certainly not the last time.
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