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She was only four when her parents took her to their claim… the spot of prairie soil her pa had won in the Land Run of 1889. One would think there might not be much future for the girl in the rough Midwestern territory, but one would be wrong. The girl knew, even in her toddler's mind, that she would be doing something important. Doing something that she, alone, was best suited to do. She knew she would be where she could use the skills that she knew she would have.
The prairie towns shaped their people to fit within their options, but a tragedy in the east created the path to a multitude of other options. Young Francine Canfield and her unswerving dedication went a long way toward shaping the small prairie town, that, in turn, shaped its people.
Emphasized is the fact that, if there is no future available, then a determined person must make his or her own.

The Carlile Corners series stretches from Conestoga wagons and foot-sore travelers to the birth of the tin lizzie. It grows from the bow and arrow to a tail gunner in a stick and canvass flying machine. From jackrabbit stew and venison to chow lines in Europe, and from the spinning wheel to machine-woven wool worsted. In short, it was no life for the weak minded, so come along and check it out... See how a group of Americans lived, loved and simply persevered to get through it all.
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