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When a lowlander family decides to migrate to the mountains, they have a lot to learn but they can receive a lot of help.  Some of it they can actually use.  Even the storms are different in the mounatians, and that’s something to consider when a sick, old grandpa is to be transported upstream on the fast-moving Tuscalara River.

Then there was the storm experienced by Jefferson Masters that caused a break up of a loaded wagon, the break of a twelve year’s old leg, and a pair of skittishly uncontrollable horses.  Jefferson was twenty years old and was an experienced and successful lumberjack and he was adept at wrestling eight foot sections of maple lumber.  He could weather whatever storms that had been thrown at him, until he met the storm named Rachel.  That storm was one that was next to impossible to outrun, but it’s better told in the book.  One would need to hear Rachel’s side of the encounter, and that is also in the book told in the authentic mountain dialect of the period and location.
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