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It was the land, actually, that had the power to draw the people from the four directions and even from across the ocean. It was the clarion call coming from the place of the red lands. It was a call from the dirt, red as blood beneath its cover of grassy green . . . yes, that was what drew them. Many people came to this red land all together on one day, and many others were already there. The new people staked out their claims but too often, prior claims had already been made. Both of these groups would earn title to their land by their sweat and by the speed of their horses, but mostly by the strength of their endurance and the joining together of their forces. Ben Green had made a promise that he would not let go of his portion of the red land that had been handed down to him by his people before him. He would keep it, be it by the speed of his horses or the accuracy of his marksmanship, and when Ben made a promise, the world itself could consider it kept. . . . because that was the way his pa had trained him.
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