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Rosalie did everything right and by the book for the whole 24 years of her life, and then she did something so far removed from anything she knew that it gave her chills all the way from St Louis, Missouri to the tiny Arkansas town of River Bend.  She wouldn’t have even done that, but, like baby eagles, she was gently removed from the… well, that’s not important.

What is important is that a ‘follower’ by nature can be pushed into a position of directing one’s own life, though it is a frustrating and doubt-causing experience.  Not only that, when tossed into needing help from another person who is, by nature, also a follower, someone has to take the lead.  The fate of two small children hung between the two, and without the help of the auctioneer over in the Jacksonville Animal Auction, it could have taken much longer.  All of the twists and turns are in the book, spelled out in the authentic mountain dialect of the period and location.
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