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This is the third book in the War Eagle River series.

The town moonshiner is brought down by a "revenuer's" bullet, leaving a pregnant wife with seven other children on a 13 acre hillside farm. Now only that, her oldest son was taken in as an accomplice. It would be a bleak winter on their hill. Though the Bible promised she could "rise up with wings like the eagle" she thought she would be content just to rise up like the cornbread in the pan that she was cooking for supper for her supper. She promised herself that the old mama pig would be the first step of her climb.

Author Joann Ellen Sisco perfectly captures the voice and soul of the southern Ozarks. People are people, no matter where they are, but the subtle culture and expression of language is unique to a place and time and no one masters this better for this distinctive section of America than Sisco.
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