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This is the third book of The Trilogy Of Wishbone Hollow u.s.a.

Book One: Thirteenth Kid… Lucky Or Unlucky! Rowenna Moffat: Meets Angel. Book Two: Girl With The Gun Rowenna Moffat: Student Nurse Book Three: Land Of Barbed Wire And Blood Rowenna Moffat: World War One: Europe

Rowenna Moffat, a teenager along with other teenagers, was recruited by the American Red Cross, where their newly acquired knowledge from the brand new nursing schools was sorely needed. One thing these girls had that was a rare commodity & #8230; they actually accepted the call to give a year (plus) of their young life to their country while enduring hardships, being continuously afraid but very brave and hard working until they were totally exhausted. But there was one thing they never doubted & #8230; they knew that they were needed and never doubted their importance.
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