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The created beings called angels, as outlined in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, have amazing abilities. Not being bound to time or space, they are well qualified for the missions assigned them. From the beginning of time there have many parallels within the activities of humans and this book of historical fiction follows the lives of two ladies with missions of their own, and the angelic help that was provided them. Young Garnette Tanner began her mission before she was a year old, and that was not even her name. Moses, in the Bible, had nothing on Nettie who had a history with a bois d'arc (or hedge apple) tree and . . . well, it would take too long to explain what happened . . . but it's all in this book. Angel 734, along with others, does her part. It seemed to be in the Boss' agenda that each of his humans have their own duties which may be a lifetime of service . . . or possibly one brave action. Each of these ladies was born in an interesting period of history, with no experience to qualify her for . . . uh, well, it is all fully explained in this book.
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