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Sadie McClure had a good life.  In spite of economic conditions, she was  exposed to benefits that would not be expected for one born in her station.   She received good advice at times when it was most helpful, and she was careful to take it.  Her mother’s servant-status put her in position to receive an education with the children of the family and Sadie made the most of it.

Women of her era were taught to accept life, to follow patterns and be good and helpful persons.   These stood her well for many years, but then the true Sadie within her began to blossom.
Then Sadie saw the geese flying over, flapping strong wings and maintaining their position in the “V”.  That, she told herself, was true freedom.  And freedom was not always safe.

At that moment, with the suddenness of a spring shower, Sadie McClure had a mind change.  Never again would she move in a path created be others, no matter how lovingly and caringly it was planned.  She had spent her life as a kite, and she was grateful.
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