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CASTLES IN STONE | Hilltop House
This is the seventh book in the War Eagle River series.

Laura, sister to Marybeth in "Three Times a Mama" (Vol. 6 of the War Eagle River Series), finds herself a woman of different ideas who is stuck in a man's world at a time when certain careers were not open to girls. She feels that, other things being equal, she should have a chance at a career she loves. But there was a price to pay. When a woman in that era has different views, it is doubly hard to find someone to share them and one can end up with a lonely life. She'd like that house on the hill, and she was determined. Will she manage? Well, it wouldn't be easy, but the answer is right in the story...
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Castles in Stone | Book | Hilltop House | Joann Ellen Sisco
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