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Mountain feuds are creatures with a long life.  They have the ability to survive and also reproduce long after the makers of… and the reasons for… the feud have passed.   The feud could have been caused by border dispute along a property line… a suspected theft from the watermelon patch… a transaction that went bad… or possible the rumor that a daughter had been ‘done wrong’.  Didn’t matter.  Possibly the heat of a summer day and a life of boredom had something to do with it,  but after pain and loss of life, eventually one side or maybe both sides were able to see the folly of it all.

A move might be the answer.  But like the tail on a coyote, that old feud has the ability to follow along wagging itself in the face of those who follow.  Just ask Vangie Hatfield about it and she had nothing left to loose.  And there was also… well, it’s all in the book spelled out in the authentic mountain dialect of the period and location.
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