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At home in River Bend Duke and the Schoolmaster Rob Wilson made himself proficient in every aspect of schoolteaching, as offered by the college. Too bad there was no course in 'Young Ladies and Girls'!

A teaching certificate was a grand asset for a young lady of the mountains.  With such a respected position in the community it should not take more than one school year to land a fellow and resign.  The tiny mountain town of River Bend finally refused to accept a female teacger, and had been lucky to get Rob Wilson with his ‘college’ education… somewhat above the actual requirements.  Not only that, Mr. Wilson had Duke, his bloodhound, to help maintain order.  If Duke suspected misbehavior, he had only to stand and look around.  Order was restored.

But there was the social life to contend with, and there Rob was not nearly so successful, when it should have been so simple.  Just ask Cammie Upchurch, a thirteen year old student of his.  There are things put into little girls from the time the midwife spanks their hinny, but Rob had no sisters, so how was he to recognize good advice?  It’s spelled out right there in the book, written in the authentic mountain dialect of the period and location.
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