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If this title appears to refer to a dress-up tea-party, it would be misleading. These words describe a couple of businesses created by teenage girls. These two businesses, together with Canfield Grading, Gallery Gifts, The Rolling Five and Dime and Cullen Blacksmit -- all started by young people -- are actually the strong community ties that shaped the community and pulled its people together -- then sent them to foreign soil to protect and defend their hearth and home. At that time, the mental vision of the Cookies, Hats and Hankies establishments served to welcome them home again.

It was clearly as the poet wrote: old men make wars and young men die, While women sit at home and cry... and wonder why...

Linked in among these events are many others as the community moves from buggies and rub boards to airplanes, gas operated cook stoves and tin lizzi From bow and arrow to nuclear weapons, microwaves and beyond.
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