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The central part of Oklahoma was uniquely settled, essentially, in one day. They came in every describable conveyance, including their own two feet, but mostly in a 4x8 covered wagon, or a 4x10 foot Conestoga if they could afford it.

The possible reward of free land outweighed discomfort, danger and deprivation. Even the education of the children was overlooked for a time. After the first year or two, however the formation of schools became paramount.

For the community of Carlile Corners, the circumstances were no different. Then, as unexpected as a comet streaking through the sky, a teacher was in their midst. The fact that the teacher declared she was not a teacher, mattered none. Families begged for a chance send their child to the underground school just to listen in, and were willing to sacrifice to do it.

Blossoms in the Grass, the second book of the Carlile Corners series, follows the adventures of the hard-working families who settle in the Oklahoma Territory.
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