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Behind Every Cloud | ebook | $0.99 | Joann Ellen Sisco

There are times, in the lives of some, that everything just seems to be going wrong.  Many bow to it and allow themselves to be destroyed, but others look for a handle by which to draw themselves up.  Most of the latter do actually find help, and many are able to take advantage of it.

A loving lady, who had very little to offer, took on the toddler of a second cousin and added the orphan to her own family.  She held the little girl tucked within her own brood and tried to protect them all from her own unfortunate choice of a marriage mate.
Ill health pulled her down, but the short and timely words of advice and wisdom she had given to the little girl gave the child strength to bind the youngsters of the family together at a time when they desperately needed each other.

There came an occasion in which the girl had just about reached the end of her endurance when she remembered the silver lining that was said exist behind every cloud.  She was ready for that silver lining, and from the size of her cloud, the lining must be immense and glorious.   She must, however,  travel through three states to find it.
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