A positive wealth of stories hide themselves in the Midwest of America!  So typical are those tucked within the flowered-covered and rocky mountains of Arkansas, beside its sparkling mountain streams and beside the cool depth of its caves.  Here in the Library of Historical Fiction, the small town of River Bend is spotlighted from the viewpoints of dozens of its residents where everybody’s business is the business of everybody else.

And possibly even more stories are tossed about by the ever-present wind on the sandy, fossel-strewn plains of Oklahoma, one of the last states to be named. The unique Land Run of Oklahoma …that actually settled the central nugget of the state in one day’s time,… created situations that kept lawyers busy for decades.  Education of children was one fallout of the Land Run, and is dealt with in The Chronicle of Carlile Corners as well as parts of Deep Fork, Oklahoma Territory.

Not to leave out the most important facet of this period, the fingerprints of the angels as assigned by Psalms 91:11.  Their influence is touched on in the Trilogy of Wishbone Hollow and The Angels in Charge, where, in Angel on the Ledge, Angel 734 has a special mission from the Boss in the settling of one small town.  

Choose among these historical fiction stories from Joann Ellen Sisco's "Library" and settle into a comfortable chair with a favorite drink.  In paperback or ebook, this is a quick and efficient way to time-travel to a long-gone era… for less than pennies a mile… actually!
At Home in River Bend
War Eagel River Valley
The Chronicle of Carlile Corners
Deep Fork, Oklahoma Territory
Guardian Angels on Duty
OLD MAN’S CABIN.  The tiny log building sat on the riverbank for forty years years and there were at least forty opinions as to who built it and why?  Some folks thought angels put it there.
HATFIELD AND MC COY  The mountain feud traveled half way across the  country, only to end up with a pair of survivors who had no clear idea of that it was all about except that it was a part of their lives..
DUKE AND THE SCHOOLMASTER  The new schoolmaster had excelled in every subject required by law.  Too bad there was no course on “Women and Girls”.  Not even Duke could help with that.
MOMMA FROM WARD’S CATALOG  Papa always bought clothes and toys from the catalog.  So when a new momma was needed, where else would he go?
THISTLEDOWN  Six months ago they were a happy family of four, so how had they become orphans in a strange place?  Now was the time to remember the training of their parents… and be strong.
TWIXT THE ROAD AND THE RIVER  Amy Catherine was happy to take Gran’s unusual advice on a boyfriend, but when she faced the ‘glass ceiling’ of employment, Grand had nothing to say.
MY SISTER, MY FRIEND,  How strong is the love between sisters, and how far would one sister go to make right the wrong that nature had placed on the other one?
RISE UP LIKE CORNBREAD | Formerly LIKE AN EAGLE,  Being left a widow… pregnant… with seven children… on a wooded hillside farm was quite a load. But there was help from the trees and a mama pig, along with an angel or two.
HEART OF THE OAK | Formerly THE MIGHTY CEDAR,  Like Abraham of old, he had far to go, being guided by something stranger than fire and a cloud.   Also, how about the woman who was obliged to follow?
NO 1 CHURCH STREET | formerly TURN LEFT ON MAIN,  A young, inexperienced couple occupied the parsonage, but the yellow cat who adopted them did all he could.   At times, God had unique ways of getting his attention.
THREE TIMES A MAMA  The love of a childhood friend put Marybeth in position to experience a love of a different kind but first her ‘blindness’ must be corrected.
CASTLES IN STONE | formerly HILLTOP HOUSE,  Laura was a girl in a ‘fellow’s world’ in a town that just couldn’t understand her plight.  When she finally found her way… and lost it again… where was she to get the strength to go on?
APPLEGATE'S MILL | formerly MILL ON THE WAR EAGLE, Celia Applegate was determined to keep a promise, but how can a promise be extended beyond the grave?  When if involved others who had made no promise?  Who would know how events would turn as time went on?
PRAIRIE ACADEMY  A Christmas Eve fire in New York created a ripple that affected a community on the prairie in a way that Josephine’s father would never have guessed… but would have heartily approved.
BLOSSOMS IN THE GRASS.  The community of Carlile Corners acquired a teacher who was not a teacher but was able to create a web of education that extended from 1895 all the way into WW1 Europe.
THE SHAPING OF SHADY RIDGE.  The unique experience of the Oklahoma Land Run brought families to the prairie, but the teachers for their children had yet to be created.  Was this a job for the angels to accomplish?
COOKIES, HATS AND HANKIES.  This was no party.  It was the progress of preparedness and the gift of skill to young people intheir new country when the European unrest brought America into WW1..
UNDER THE HAYSTACK.  A young chaplain-surgeon has a calling he must answer but it took the letters from a young lady and a gift from a long-dead relative to keep him sane when the war raged around him, and at times, with in him.
GUNSHOT TO HOMESTEAD.  The old man took his daughter and granddaughter into the wilds of nowhere to protect the child’s life.  But sometimes life’s thorns are actually roses and it happened for him on the Oklahoma Prairie in 1889..
UNDER THE REDBUDS  A Nebraska snowstorm gave birth to the idea to look for warmer weather, and the Land Run of the Oklahoma Territory came along just in time for half the town to migrate… en masse.
TREK THROUGH THE WILDERNESS.  Moses followed a cloud, but young Hapgood Palmer spent years following something even more strange, though his direction came from the same hand as the prophet.
IN OCTOBER SUNSHINE . She was the epitome of a proper lady of her time, but the bonds became too tight for her to breathe.  It was at the time for the Land Run that she discovered her true self.
OF BOOMERS AND SOONERS.  The settling of a country can be gradual, but for the central nugget of the Oklahoma Territory, it the way was prepared by the boomers who advertised and the sooners, who only want a home.
BEHIND EVERY CLOUD.  A teenage girl had finally suffered enough, and she escaped with younger cousins and fled into the dark nowhere.  If there was a silver lining to the cloud, she was ready to see it as she gazed out over the Oklahoma Territory.
TO THE PROMISED LAND.  Blindness to an evil within a family created a small girl whose very presence started a movement that created a whole new family in a fresh new land.
WITH A SONG IN THE NIGHT.  The pulling power from Above works with the precision of a chess game to unite a family torn apart by insane jealousy.
THIRTEENTH KID… LUCKY OR UNLUCKY!.  The young Arkansas girl met her angel at a young age, but it took Granddad’s teaching to let her understand the language from within herself.
GIRL WITH THE GUN.  She only did what she saw that had to be done, and if the world thought it a bit extraordinary, that was not her problem.  Rowenna Moffat was a ‘doer’ from an early age.
LAND OF BARBED WIRE AND BLOOD.  So amazing it was that young nurses from mid-America were ready, willing and able to contribute their skill on the battlefield of the bloodiest battle ofWW1.  The land of blood-red poppies sprang from the blood-red soil among the rolls and snipped piece of razor wire and sharpened barbs.
ANGEL ON THE LEDGE.  Angel 734 had an assignment from the Boss.  Small throw-away girls from the clouded east coast must be moved to the prairie where they were needed and wanted.  A variety of methods were used to complete the assignment..
LADY ON THE WALL.  Two ladies.  One from ancient times and one from the new continent but both experienced an important wall, and listened to the direction of their own personal angels.  Both had a profound influence on their families and their nations.
THUNDER BRINGS THE RAIN.  It seemed to be a thunder storm that nudged the children away from their home into nowhere, just doing what should be done.  The angels ‘in charge’ of them taught them to follow orders from within their own hearts.
EAGLES ON THE SOUTHWIND.  Like the eagles that flew in from the southern coast, two orphaned sisters, survivors from the death ship, had a long way to go among strange people with anew language.  The Boss’ timing, of course, was perfect for these two.
YOU HOLD THE LIGHT.. Born premature and diseased at a wagon train rest stop, she should have died with her mother.  She, however, stubbornly survived and became the root to plant her family firmly into the soil where they were intended to be.

Tucked within these books are births and funerals, a lot of seeking to find the best mate, and just trying to get from one day to the next.  Other nuggets are:  A toddler going over the bluff to the river, a girl faced with a friend in childbirth, a small boy hanging by his knees over the Tuscalara River.  A young man facing off with the Mississippi Railway to save his girlfriend’s inheritance, and an unexpected meeting of  the Hatfields and McCoys.

These books take the reader back to a time before microwaves, space ships and the internet, and would you believe, cell phones (though they were not much quicker than the gossip grapevine).  It was a time back when the way to get something done was to do it themselves.

The first book, Twixt the Road and the River, brings Amy Catherine through the trying period of finding a mate, but she has Gran to help her.  Gran knows about a lot of different kinds of men, and she enlists the help of Solomon and a pieced quilt to guide her granddaughter.
They contain the account of a catfish leaping for food furnishing direction to a returned soldier… A runaway horse is stopped by the melody of a hymn… A girl is kidnapped… A pencil that has a mind of its own… A native grandmother bargaining her skill for the education of her grandchildren… A beautiful teenager begs for someone to drown her… A herd of goats used as watchdogs…  A girl pushes her young brother from a second story window into the snow…  And a pilot coming in with a wing on fire.

This series, DEEP FORK, OKLAHOMA TERRITORY, is based on a true occasion where the government conducted a unique and one-time experiment in central Oklahoma.  At that time (1889) large tracts of territorial land had been set aside for various parts of the Indian tribes who were moved here, but the central nugget of land was still “unassigned”.
The created beings called angels, as outlined in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, have amazing abilities.  Not being bound to time or space, they are well qualified for the missions assigned them.

In view of the fact that the Boss had given to angels… his created beings… the responsibility of his signature creation… humans… the continuous presence of angels among humans is assured.

Humans were informed of this in Psalm 91: 11.  Even the cast out angel, Lucifer, knew this and he quoted it in Mathew 4:6 and Luke 4:10.  Even he knew that the Boss has put the angels in charge.  Each of these books covers examples of the presence… so often unware… among humans.

The books in this series are historical fiction set within the premise that the following  statement from within the King James Version of the Holy Bible is, in fact, true.



It was certain to have been something that Kevin had done that had accidentally transported him into history!  Not only that, he found he could repeat the experience at will, even taking a friend from that era with him as he went even farther into the past. Was it a dream?  It had to be, yet, if it was, how could he explain the way he felt?
Tamar must travel to a far away country with her family and others.  They were led by Nehemiah, as he follows God’s commandment to return  them to their homeland. She experiences hardships of the trip, and some miraculous happenings.  Who would have thought she could change so much in one short time?
Leah's family lived in a cave because they had been chased from their home by their enemies.  It was then that God raised up a leader who won back their homes by a very strange and unusual way of doing battle.
A Canaanite boy and his family come to know the Jehovah God when they see the wondrous events surrounding the fall of the walls of Jericho.  That family could have been Marti’s.
Rhoda was born in the wilderness and her Israelite family has traveled for many years with Moses.  Now they are nearing the time they will reach their home, where they have never been.
Andrew, the sea captain, takes his young son, Bartholomew, aboard ship to learn the trade.  Excitement mounts as the ship and its crew experience danger, but Paul is aboard along with other prisoners bound for trial in Rome.
Nathaniel is the middle son of the keeper of the jail.  Many prisoners have been placed in the jail but none caused as much excitement as Paul and Silas.
The little donkey colt was wild, maybe even more than wild.  Could anyone tame him enough to ride him?  Surely there was Someone who could do it, but certainly not young Joel, who owned him.  The book of Mark, chapter 11 tells of this happening and why.  Someone owned the colt, so it might have been a boy like Joel in our story.
There were places in the palace where even the queen could not go, and there were things she should hear which might save her life.  What she needed were ears that could listen and report to her.  How about a ten year old girl, named Suzannah?  Read this one and see what you think.
Tabitha was old enough to bake bread in the big oven outside the inn to sell to hungry travelers.  She had always helped her parents take care of the travelers who stayed at her father's inn, but she had never before seen anything happen as it did the night the shepherds came!
Bath-Leah hid from the thieving enemy, but they found her hiding place.  How would she choose to get even with those who stole her from her home and country?  In a very short time she learned that people who live in big houses also have sadness, just like everyone else.
Ten-year-old Naomi knew her city of Nineveh was doomed to be destroyed in forty days.  The great Israelite prophet, Jonah, had said so.  What does a girl do in the last forty days of her life?
Mark had too many problems for a twelve-year-old boy.  He had a mother and four younger sisters and a father who could not come home.  There was a way to take care of all of these problems with one miracle, if he could just figure out how to find it.
Pockets are good for hiding things, and even some animals use their pockets to carry their babies.  Who would think there was something valuable that could be hidden in animal fur, other than a few fleas?  And maybe a sticker burr or two!
How can a shirt sleeve save a life?  Strange things can happen that have nothing to do with a hollow hill.  Just a couple of thirteen year old boys.
Falling in a hole could be bad enough, but when there’s an extra leg already in the hole, what could you do besides scream?
Who would think a sister could be swiped right out of her hotel and carried off at breakfast time, or how much trouble it would cause.
A river ride on a barge should be as safe as a ride on a carousel… shouldn’t it?  Of course, it might depend on what was swimming in the water.  There might be something worse than a hungry crocodile.
Cats come in all sizes.  For a house mouse, a house cat would look dangerous.  And it is.  For a human, how would a hungry lion look?  About the same ways?
This FREE e-book introduces the series BURNT TREE JUNCTION as well as choices in this HISTORICAL FICTION LIBRARY.
Clustered along Ridge Road were scattered settlements and a broken down roadsie stand on a bluff, Burley Collins had seen it many times, back when it was manned by an ancient mountaineer. 

He'd bought beef jerky there and traveled on.  He was a true wanderer loving his freedom.  He had a wonderful life going where he pleased, leaving when he wished.  It suited him quite well... until it didn't. 

Then came the time the bluff spoke to him, and he answered, thinking to revive the old stand.  He arrived in time to see the body of the young man swinging from a tree limb.  Body not yet cold.

Only one thing to do, and Burley did it... as he had done all his life, but other problems followed in a rapid succession.  The bottom line was always that one did what one did, turning resolutely toward the next self-imposed duty, until Burley found he had no time to lay down one emergency until another was thrown onto him.  How was he to have known how difficult it would be to keep his freedom?  The road side stand at Burnt Tree Junction became a pivotal location as the community grew into the other residents, such as Gabriel and Brother Darkhorse, the Web of Ebony Lace, Iron Pony, and The Angels of the Baby Box.  Also others, and all fitted their piece of the puzzle of life along Ridge Road, Carroll County in the turn of the 19th Century.  Read More

There has to be a beginning somewhere, like when God said, “Let there be light’ and there was light.  A small six year old boy in the Arkansas hills was chosen, much in the manner of Samuel but how was he learn how to go forward with no one to teach him?

Her life would give credence to Proverbs 18: 16.   ‘A (person’s) gift maketh room for him…”  The special gift that would provide her with the education to make her dreams a reality for herself and others, came with her at the time of her first cry.

The girl (young woman?) nodded, her red curls bouncing on her forehead.  “Yes, that’s me accordin’ to the papers made out by the midwife.  I was to be the last’a the grand youngens, and Grandad never had one named after him.

Not all the angels were engaged in the transfer from earth to paradise.  Two very important angels remained with the wreckage.  As the buggy fell, its contents were tossed and several boxes slid down the mountain, scooting on a bed of dry leaves.

Belle peered fondly down at her first born.  “Yes, and that’s as it should be.  The note is to me and I decide if you should see it.”  Whereupon she handed the scrap of paper to her daughter.


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