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A positive wealth of stories hide themselves in the Midwest of America!  So typical are those tucked within the flowered-covered and rocky mountains of Arkansas, beside its sparkling mountain streams and beside the cool depth of its caves.  Here in the Library of Historical Fiction, the small town of River Bend is spotlighted from the viewpoints of dozens of its residents where everybody’s business is the business of everybody else.

And possibly even more stories are tossed about by the ever-present wind on the sandy, fossel-strewn plains of Oklahoma, one of the last states to be named. The unique Land Run of Oklahoma …that actually settled the central nugget of the state in one day’s time,… created situations that kept lawyers busy for decades.  Education of children was one fallout of the Land Run, and is dealt with in The Chronicle of Carlile Corners as well as parts of Deep Fork, Oklahoma Territory.

Not to leave out the most important facet of this period, the fingerprints of the angels as assigned by Psalms 91:11.  Their influence is touched on in the Trilogy of Wishbone Hollow and The Angels in Charge, where, in Angel on the Ledge, Angel 734 has a special mission from the Boss in the settling of one small town.  

Choose among these historical fiction stories from Joann Ellen Sisco's "Library" and settle into a comfortable chair with a favorite drink.  In paperback or ebook, this is a quick and efficient way to time-travel to a long-gone era… for less than pennies a mile… actually!

Clustered along Ridge Road were scattered settlements and a broken down roadsie stand on a bluff, Burley Collins had seen it many times, back when it was manned by an ancient mountaineer. 

He'd bought beef jerky there and traveled on.  He was a true wanderer loving his freedom.  He had a wonderful life going where he pleased, leaving when he wished.  It suited him quite well... until it didn't. 

Then came the time the bluff spoke to him, and he answered, thinking to revive the old stand.  He arrived in time to see the body of the young man swinging from a tree limb.  Body not yet cold.

Only one thing to do, and Burley did it... as he had done all his life, but other problems followed in a rapid succession.  The bottom line was always that one did what one did, turning resolutely toward the next self-imposed duty, until Burley found he had no time to lay down one emergency until another was thrown onto him.  How was he to have known how difficult it would be to keep his freedom?  The road side stand at Burnt Tree Junction became a pivotal location as the community grew into the other residents, such as Gabriel and Brother Darkhorse, the Web of Ebony Lace, Iron Pony, and The Angels of the Baby Box.  Also others, and all fitted their piece of the puzzle of life along Ridge Road, Carroll County in the turn of the 19th Century.

Tucked within these books are births and funerals, a lot of seeking to find the best mate, and just trying to get from one day to the next.  Other nuggets are:  A toddler going over the bluff to the river, a girl faced with a friend in childbirth, a small boy hanging by his knees over the Tuscalara River.  A young man facing off with the Mississippi Railway to save his girlfriend’s inheritance, and an unexpected meeting of  the Hatfields and McCoys.

These books take the reader back to a time before microwaves, space ships and the internet, and would you believe, cell phones (though they were not much quicker than the gossip grapevine).  It was a time back when the way to get something done was to do it themselves.

The first book, Twixt the Road and the River, brings Amy Catherine through the trying period of finding a mate, but she has Gran to help her.  Gran knows about a lot of different kinds of men, and she enlists the help of Solomon and a pieced quilt to guide her granddaughter.


They contain the account of a catfish leaping for food furnishing direction to a returned soldier… A runaway horse is stopped by the melody of a hymn… A girl is kidnapped… A pencil that has a mind of its own… A native grandmother bargaining her skill for the education of her grandchildren… A beautiful teenager begs for someone to drown her… A herd of goats used as watchdogs…  A girl pushes her young brother from a second story window into the snow…  And a pilot coming in with a wing on fire.

This series, DEEP FORK, OKLAHOMA TERRITORY, is based on a true occasion where the government conducted a unique and one-time experiment in central Oklahoma.  At that time (1889) large tracts of territorial land had been set aside for various parts of the Indian tribes who were moved here, but the central nugget of land was still “unassigned”.


The created beings called angels, as outlined in the King James Version of the Holy Bible, have amazing abilities.  Not being bound to time or space, they are well qualified for the missions assigned them.

In view of the fact that the Boss had given to angels… his created beings… the responsibility of his signature creation… humans… the continuous presence of angels among humans is assured.

Humans were informed of this in Psalm 91: 11.  Even the cast out angel, Lucifer, knew this and he quoted it in Mathew 4:6 and Luke 4:10.  Even he knew that the Boss has put the angels in charge.  Each of these books covers examples of the presence… so often unware… among humans.

The books in this series are historical fiction set within the premise that the following  statement from within the King James Version of the Holy Bible is, in fact, true.

These three books are based on actual facts, and the fictional girl who is the thirteenth kid could have one of many young girls of this period in history.  Fictional Wishbone Hollow is located in northern Arkansas near the resort town of Eureka Springs.  An actual cave exists in the center of town that was once a 'first aid' station during the Civil War.  Later in 1900 it was used again, but activity was later moved to a huge building which became a nurses training school.  Young ladies were graduated from the school after one year of arduous training just in time to be a pivotal factor in World War 1 in the Aid Stations in Belgium near the English Channel.  These  books follow the life of one of these important girls and her associates.

These twelve books show a different slant on well known Biblical incidents.  A fictional child is set within the actual story to give a child's eye view of the happenings and the children are allowed to react as a child would.  As we know, there would have been actual children present during these times, and the stories could well have happened in the way they do in these books.  These stories are meant to round out and give depth to the Biblical accounts.

A nature photographer with world wide assignments is the widowed father of thirteen year old triplets.  They  are taken with him by jet and helicopter on assignments whenever possible.  During these trips the children are taught many things along with how to live within the principals of their Creator.  Interspersed within their adventures and mis-adventures the triplites and their twelve year old cousin learn to use the knowledge they already have along with being useful with the camera.

If anyone wonders if a twelve year old ever has anything frightening or dangerous happen to them, perhaps they should check this out.  A kidnapping, A time travel, a scary ocean trip, a journey alone through a rain forest and to top it off, an interesting race that was known world wide.  These and more are all wrapped up in the Junior Adventure books.
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